Our anniversaries

Кованая коза

50th anniversary of the creative development

Aleksandr Milovzorov is an Honored artist of Ukraine. He graduated from the Muhina Arts School as a ceramist. He was one of the first people to initiate the reviving of the artistic blacksmithing in Ukraine. In the mid-1970s in full swing of the stagnation period the young artist got down to this difficult task, learned everything from scratch. He became an acknowledged master. He was the first to gather together talented blacksmiths from different regions of our country and organize first blacksmiths festivals. It was a pleiad of patriarchs of artistic blacksmithing. The first wave of revival…

We congratulate this wonderful artist and organizer with his anniversary! We wish him new quirks of fate. Strong personality needs them for revealing new features of their great talent!

Sergey Kaspruk is 50!

During the period from the end of the 1980s to the beginning of the 1990s independent states had been established on the territory of the former USSR. The second wave of blacksmithing revival started. And all those people – who are the most popular nowadays and who have done a lot but are able to do even more – are almost of the same age. They all are about 50. They are Oleg Krivoruchenko (the Crimea), Vladimir Demin (Kiev), and Victor Burduk (Donetsk). They are famous blacksmiths who represent the organizing backbone of the Union of Masters of Blacksmiths Art in Ukraine. Each of them is a head of their regional department, a member of the board. Sergey Kaspruk is a representative of this pleiad as well. Being a distinctive blacksmith and a sociable man, he takes part in all the festivals of blacksmiths art in Ukraine. Perhaps, his most significant work is the Mertsalov’s Palm, forged from a solid rail. But it is only a small part of his contribution. We congratulate him with his anniversary! The first part of his march and creative development is covered successfully and brightly.

We wish you serious victories and achievements in the second part as well!

When you are only 40 years old…

Yevgeniy Yermak is a twice winner of the Ukrainian all-round events blacksmiths championship, a leading blacksmith of the Ukrainian Gefest blacksmiths enterprise. Vladimir Deyneka is a director of the Ptakh blacksmiths enterprise, a head of the Dnepropetrovsk regional department of the UMBAU. Igor Rudenko is a chief editor of The Magazine of Metal, an organizer of the Forged Figures Park festival. We are the third wave of the blacksmithing revival. All of us are about 40, as it is said, in the prime of life. We are in the center of attention. Everybody looks at us and pin their faith on us. And we won’t let you down. The blacksmiths Union is to exist and develop! Yevgeniy, Vladimir, great congratulations to you! We wish you creative successes and great achievements!

Orest Ivasyuta is an Honoured artist of Ukraine!

Authority of an organization is made up of authority of its members. Well, the Union of Masters of Blacksmiths Art has become even more authoritative. There are academicians of architecture among its members. They are Vladimir Demin and Bogdan Novoselskiy. The Honoured worker of art of Ukraine Aleksey Rogotchenko is an active member of the Kiev regional department of the UMBAU. The Honoured artist of Ukraine Sergey Polubotko is a chairman of the Union. Now it is time to congratulate the head of the Lvov regional department Orest Ivasyuta. In March this year he was given the rank of the Honoured artist of Ukraine! Orest was born in Ivano-Frankovsk in 1969. He graduated from the Lvov Art Academy from the chair of metal in 1996. He still works their, teaches theory and holds the position of the deputy chairman of the metal chair.

All the works by Orest Ivasyuta are made on the highest level. They are awarded with the first diplomas at the European blacksmiths forums in Ybbsitz and Helfstyn. We congratulate him with this deserved high estimation of his creative work by our Ukrainian Government! We wish him strong health and further successes in the cognition of the depictive power of metal!

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