The house that Huub built…


The house-museum of art blacksmithing

This winter I and Yevgeniy Yermak spent the whole week in Huub Sensen’s blacksmiths school in Holland.

Naturally, we had a lot to learn from a person, who had traveled all over the world, studying different secrets and methods of forging. For example, it was very interesting for us to know new fine points of Damask steel production. The host also with pleasure took lessons from Yevgeniy Yermak. He often repeated that the Ukrainian school is one of the most developed in the world. The most amazing thing for us in this wonderful blacksmiths atmosphere was the house where we lived and worked. Each square centimetre of this house was decorated with metal works brought from different parts of the world.

These works are everywhere: in the living rooms on the second and third floors and in the forge on the first floor. The interior is extraordinary practical, functional and full of art blacksmithing harmony. The whole book should be devoted to it. We are cordially grateful to the hospitable host. There is such a creative atmosphere in his house that feeling it and looking at all the collected by him beautiful works one can’t help but forge! Of course, we also presented our small sculpture for his wonderful collection.


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