Ybbsitz, Austria, FERRACULUM 2006 review

Формирование бутона кованой розы

Lieber Freunde!

Danke schon fur 4 unglaublich Tagen!

Thank you , thank you and thank you once again!

You did it together, helping each other, doing one big thing together – this is the most important result.

Once again would like to thank Josef Hofmarcher, Alfred Habermann, Frau Welser, Andreas, Susanne, Brigitta, Monica, Brian , Eddi, Franz and many others whose name we don’t know but they gave their helping hand.

Togeter you did a real holiday for all those present!

You have done it perfectly.

It seemed not only the sun gave its warmth but all the smiths, the people with the creative soul, exchanged the heat of their hearts.

Everything was fine , impressive and unforgetable.

These days will always be in our hearts.

Thanks to the Burgermeister, community, organizers. For us it was a big honour to be present at your festival, for Sergiy Polubotko – to present his country – Ukraine in the museum FERRUM that has been opened at the festival among 3 other representatives of other countries of the world – France, Japan and Italy.

We think the Ukrainian team was noticeble at the festival and we are proud of the fact – the Ukrainian folk group “Smeretchyna” from Vyzhnytsia, Lviv powerful team with their prise – winning dragon (O.Bujvidt and I. Slobodian), Dmytro Ukrainskij has also done a good work at the festival, representatives of the magazine “Kovalska majsternia” have been doing a great work too.

So, VIVA la AUSTRIA with its perfect idea to orgainze a blacksmith festival!

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