Invitation to participate in the festival “Forged Figures Park 2014”

Голуб мира

Dear blacksmiths!

According to the circumstances, the format of the International Festival of traditional blacksmithing skill Forged Figures Park this year will change somewhat. We fully understand that many artists will not come this year in Donetsk. However masters from around the world can take part-time participation in the festival, and to forge sending envoys of peace – pigeons, which form an international collective composition “Doves of Peace”.

Blacksmiths in his work often talk about love, friendship, peace. This year, the world is as relevant as ever, as the festival\’s artistic selected “Doves of Peace”.

Guild of blacksmiths of Donbass as organizer XVI International Festival of blacksmithing skill Forged Figures Park, invites artists to participate in the Donetsk festival and forge festival proposes to make “Doves of Peace” (life-size birds). Pigeons, “arriving” in Donetsk from all over the world, will take their place in the Park of Forged Figures. Also can send their envoys organizations, enterprises and individuals turning to the manufacture of miniature art metal masters. Manmade messengers of peace will be the brightest in its symbolism gift the city of Donetsk in the year of its 145th anniversary.

The festival program we plan to reduce to one day – September 20. On this day, blacksmiths Donbass will forge their pigeons in the park of forged figures and set your messengers.

Address for sending works:

Donetsk city administration str. Artem, 98, Donetsk, 83000.

Organizing committee:

Author and Project Manager Forged Figures Park Victor Burduk
+38 050 326 5894
Executive Project Director Forged Figures Park Eugene Lavrynenko
+38 050 971 0013
Coordinator Tatiana Ashihman
+38 050 881 8043

July 24, 2014

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