VIth International Blacksmith Festival “Gornilo Svaroga”

Фестиваль "Горнило Сварога"

Dear friends and colleagues!

We invite you to participate in the VIth International Blacksmith Festival “Gornilo Svaroga” that will take place in Perm (Russia) June 21-22, 2014. This festival will be confined to the Year of Culture in Russia.

Perm is located on the border between Europe and Asia, and this fact has been repeatedly beaten in cultural activities of different directions. We can even say that the “frontier” location of the regional capital has become a brand which builds numerous public events, sightseeing tours, etc.  The festival “Gornilo Svaroga” is proposed to be held focusing on expanding the boundaries of the festival, raising its level, attracting participants from European countries. In addition, the festival profile allows to create within it a variety of forged objects that can beautify urban space, become new landmarks and at the same time “materialize” the project, become its symbolic tangible result. The Blacksmith Festival 2014 is proposed to be held under the motto “Prikamye is a blacksmith gate of Europe,” and as a visual way to forge a symbolic gate “From Europe to Asia” which the festival participants decorate with their own wrought symbols of their cities. Later this art object can be placed in the area of the international airport “Bolshoye Savino” which is a kind of a “gateway” to Perm. We believe that such a “talking” construction will perfectly fit into the cultural space and become a true ornament of our city as well as symbolically emphasize Perm hospitality and openness to international contacts, readiness for common projects of European and Asian partner cities.

The Russian party covers all the expenses connected with the stay of foreign participants of the Festival in Russia (Perm): meeting and departure at the airport, hotel check-in and accommodation, three meals daily, cultural program.

Air travel for the festival participants (to Perm and back) is at the host’s expense.

Dates of the visit:
Arrival in Perm: June 20, 2014
Departure from Perm: June 23, 2014.

The Russian party undertakes a commitment to provide accommodation for the participants of the Festival in the hotel of a category not less than 3*.

All participants of the Festival are provided with three meals daily at the hotel as well as on the festival site.
The choragi will be grateful for the timely intelligence about the arrival of foreign participants.

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