Blacksmiths decorated the toiler city

Metal has been always loved and honoured in Alchevsk. The city grew from the village of the workers of the Donetsk and Yur’evsk metallurgical society plant (DYMS). It was found by the Ukrainian manufacturer, banker and the merchant of the first guild Aleksey Kirilovich Alchevskiy. At that time the plant was the only one metallurgical enterprise in Ukraine built on the domestic capital. Nowadays the Alchevsk Iron and Steel Works is one of the largest industrial enterprises in the south-east of Ukraine. Almost two thirds of the city citizens work there. A melting ladle is depicted on the city’s coat of arms and even the favourite football team of the city is called The Steel! Читать далее

Алексей Кириллович Алчевский

Кузнецы украсили город-труженик

В Алчевске к металлу всегда относились с большой любовью и даже трепетом. Судите сами: город возник на базе рабочего поселка металлургического завода Донецко-Юрьевского металлургического общества (ДЮМО). Читать далее