Кованая коза

Our anniversaries

Aleksandr Milovzorov is an Honored artist of Ukraine. He graduated from the Muhina Arts School as a ceramist. He was one of the first people to initiate the reviving of the artistic blacksmithing in Ukraine. In the mid-1970s in full swing of the stagnation period the young artist got down to this difficult task, learned everything from scratch. He became an acknowledged master. He was the first to gather together talented blacksmiths from different regions of our country and organize first blacksmiths festivals. It was a pleiad of patriarchs of artistic blacksmithing. The first wave of revival… Читать далее


The house that Huub built…

This winter I and Yevgeniy Yermak spent the whole week in Huub Sensen’s blacksmiths school in Holland. Naturally, we had a lot to learn from a person, who had traveled all over the world, studying different secrets and methods of forging. For example, it was very interesting for us to know new fine points of Damask steel production. The host also with pleasure took lessons from Yevgeniy Yermak. He often repeated that the Ukrainian school is one of the most developed in the world. The most amazing thing for us in this wonderful blacksmiths atmosphere was the house where we lived and worked. Each square centimetre of this house was decorated with metal works brought from different parts of the world. Читать далее

The Union of masters of blacksmiths art in Ukraine

The question of the establishment of the Union of masters of blacksmiths art in Ukraine is already settled juridically and practically. All the necessary documents are registered according the procedures. The Union has its seal, bank account and governing board. Its members are given with their first certificates. Blacksmiths art festivals of local and international significance as well as seminars and exhibitions are actively organized. The brightest example of it are festivals in Donetsk, Ivano-Frankovsk and the Crimea that lately have improved their level and sometimes are visited by more guests than festivals hold by other countries of Europe and CIS. It can be done due to the brotherhood of blacksmiths from the western, eastern and southern regions of Ukraine. For example, it would have been impossible to hold the festival in Ivano-Frankovsk that welcomed blacksmiths from more than twenty countries of the world without an active financial and organizational support of Donetsk and well-organized team of Crimean blacksmiths. The exotic and picturesque blacksmiths art festival in Sudak also couldn’t have been hold without support and participation of masters prom all part of Ukraine. Читать далее

Кольцо европейских городов-кузнецов

Donetsk in the Ring of European Cities with Iron Works

On 13th July, 2008 in Friesoythe (Germany) Donetsk was unanimously accepted as an active member of the Ring of European Cities with Iron Works. The number 13 appeared to be lucky as well as token for us. Our city became the 13th member of the association that counts such cities as Bad Hall, Ybbsitz (Austria), Lipnik (Czech Republic), Friesoythe, Stolberg, Olbernhau, Kolbermoor (Germany), Mogliano Veneto, Stia (Italy), Gniew (Poland), Mynämäki (Finland) and Oude Ijsselstreek (Netherlands). Читать далее

Создание Сампо

Union of masters of blacksmiths art in Ukraine

Founded at the initiative of The magazine of metal and the Ukrainian Gefest blacksmiths enterprise by the founding convention on 5 February 2005, the Union of masters of blacksmiths art in Ukraine (UMBAU or just the Union) unites nowadays about 100 masters of blacksmiths art from 20 regions of the country. The Union aims at the development of the art forging as a type of the decorative and applied arts, ensuring of the proper status for the blacksmith-artist in the independent All-Ukrainian creative union. The people and the mass media have completely recognized the art forging as a specific type of art. Exhibitions of the forged author’s works and festivals of blacksmiths art take place in Ivano-Frankovsk and Kiev, Donetsk and The Crimea with a great success. Due to the Union’s activities at various forums, festivals and exhibitions blacksmiths from different cities of Ukraine and Russia, European countries and the USA have an opportunity to enrich their experience. We also invite you to participate in the festivals planned for the year 2007 under the aegis of UMBAU and our general sponsor the Alchevsk Iron and Steel Works public company. Читать далее